A Poem by feargal

Innocence was lost
when the bird had died
it flew against the wind
and broke its wings
crashed onto the ground
where the devils are still dancing
and faded away
and became a memory

the wind united with the fire
and dried out the people hopes and dreams
a dusty place it was afterwards
and after the fire was no more help to the wind
it was blown out like a candle light

the wind marched on and made friend with the lie
they changed good into evil
nice things started to scare everybody
if you looked into the mirror
the reflection was someone else
and after the people were so confused
and the wind had control over them
he blew the lie into the universe
and started to become leader over the world

the wind was travelling over the planet
he seemed to have under control
and after a while he found a couple that still was left
and had love in their hearts
the wind became stronger and stronger
as he tried to fight against love
but this evil wind will die
in a battle against every heart
that's beating full of love for someone else