Mourn by Kiril Christov

nobody understands your life

our lives are as flowers but much weak than them
this plant is stronger than (human life)
it's so hard to be a plant all the time
can you stay somwhere all alone (all of your life)
all we need is here inside us
some love,pain  and feeling between them
maybe you and me are the perfect for us
may be we shall discover the dreams

tell me you need me
here beside me
please wait
slow i shall touch you
help me to hold you

i asked the people why we're here
the people told me (just because god)
i look around and realized
that noone knows more (than myself)
and i found yourself
i found my religion
you are my personal godess
you are my life and my fears

let me inside...
your soul
and tell
tell me i'm here now
my eyes
and yours
sleeping together
my love
i'm here to hold you

we went away she keeps me close
i know the dark in all its forms
"she whispered and said - it was like she and i
could get out of the boat - and walk on the water"
"love me now?"
i love you forever
my personal godess ,my personal love
november is bleeding
the wedding of us