Interview with Jeff Singer

1 - Full Name

Jeff Singer.

2 - When and where were you born?

Manchester. March 31st 1971.

3 - Marital Status

Married to Rachael since Dec 2002. We have a little boy called Charlie who was born on Nov 18th 2004.

4 - What was your “big break”?

I once got to ten but then the white went in off the cushion. I haven’t played snooker since ;o)

5 - Jobs (musical and others) you have done up until now?

Done a million jobs to fill in between tours over the years. Musically have played with Marquesa, Verra Cruz, Red Shift, Mockinbird, Crow Jayne Blue, Indigo Prime, China Beach, Kill 2 This and Blaze

6 - How did the PL opportunity arise?

I auditioned for the band in 1994 and stayed in touch with the management after that. When I heard Lee had gone I called Andy up and everything escalated pretty quickly from there.

7 - Favourite PL track from any album and why?

I love playing Enchantment, Embers Fire and No Celebration live. Fave PL album is One Second.

8 - Least favourite PL track and why?

Haven’t got one really.

9 - Whats the biggest gig you have played to date?

20000+ at Wacken in 2002 with Blaze. Biggest headliner must be Riga in Dec with PL and we had a couple of large crowds on the Blaze Brazilian tour in 2002.

10 - What do you do to relax after a gig?

Have a glass of red wine, have a shower and eat. Preferably at separate times!!

11 - What's been your greatest achievement to date?

Supporting Megadeth on the Cryptic Writings European tour in 1997 when we (Kill 2 This) didn’t even have a record deal and we had no tour support. Also touring Brazil in 2002 as well as the obvious being part of Paradise Lost.

12 - Most embarrassing moment?

Falling off the back of the drum riser when my stool snapped whilst playing for China Beach at Rios in Bradford in 1995. Also nearly drowning whilst seeing who could get through the biggest waves in Rio in 2002. Showing off and caught on video for posterity….I nearly died honest….it was TTHHHIIIISSSSS BIG!!!

13 - Favourite UK band at the moment?

Muse, Rise To Addiction.

14 - Favourite non-UK band?

Killswitch Engage, Span.

15 - Who do you admire/respect most in the world and why?

Anyone who sticks to their guns and stays true to their beliefs.

16 - Any bands you wish you had the opportunity to join, or you had the chance and turned down?

I auditioned for Saxon just 4 weeks before the Paradise Lost thing arrived. Right gig for 10 years ago…but not now. Life shows you the right path in the end.

17 - Do you have any regrets and if so what are they and why?

I had the opportunity to move to London in 1994 and didn’t take it. I could have been a lot more involved in the session scene but having said that I wouldn’t have achieved a lot of the things I have today if I had. Don’t look back, look to the future.

18 - What are your goals for the future?

Stay happy and healthy. Be a good father and to give 100% to anything I do. And to see United win the Champions League again!

Cheers, Jeffo